Anyone can do it !

I was reading an article on linkedin about being oneself in business. The theme was that despite the formulaic sales techniques that are taught to sales personnel , the real risk is that they subvert their natural behaviour and undermine their sales skills as a consequence.

It got me thinking. Slightly off piste, if we apply a similar theme, to the fear that some business owners and managers have about running businesses, we can reach a similar conclusion.

Keep it simple I often tell clients , stop over complicating things , but more importantly see the facts and use your own skills and experience and you will make the right decisions.

“Why pay you then,” I was asked the other day. I replied , I can teach you but when you practice you have got to combine your new found knowledge with your natural ability , but trust yourself to be able to succeed.

The main manifestation of this is dealings with people. Customers, bank-managers, employees, suppliers. Think about what both sides will get out of your interaction , decide the best way of reaching your goals but do it your way and thus convince your business partners that you are sincere and professional.

Self belief can be a cancer or a cure but parrot fashion theoretical management techniques can destroy confidence and be self defeating.

Help is at hand but have faith in yourself !!!!!

Profit trumps Knowledge

I have been working recently as a consultant assisting start up businesses and have been reflecting on the fact that, actually, I have seen the same shareholder and management traits in well established businesses as I do in start up ventures.

In reality the passion and enthusiasm, plus expenditure on a new product or service, is matched by a lack of reality about the market problem or market opportunity that the idea is addressing.

In management speak, managers believe that because they have knowledge they will automatically make money. I mean, after all, surely the potential customers must see that what they know and are selling is a must have.

As an example,  a young entrepreneur who has developed a great safety product for the construction sector exhibited at a show, and advised me, that he had fantastic feedback from the limited PR material he distributed, and that it was necessary to discuss price tactics, when in fact he had absolutely no understanding on how he was going to fulfil commitments and whether he was ever going to make money.

When I reflect on sales initiatives in various businesses I have run in different sectors, those traits were apparent in suggestions made to me by highly competent functional managers.

It is a disease that profit seems to be an issue for someone else, and I even see this with entrepreneurs spending their own money who believe God or their accountant will prevail to ensure profit will result from their endeavour.

My mantra is that it is not what you know but how you convince the market that your idea solves a problem and makes profit as a result. It is a process not a dream.

Sometimes I find myself on the wrong side of the shareholder or manager looking inquisitively at me asking, surely you can see why we will make money?

Gratifyingly I received a call from the young entrepreneur this morning, who said I see where you are coming from now.

I look forward to a successful outcome !!!!!!!!